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How Quore Helps Your Hotel Meet Brand Standards

August 14th, 2019

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How Quore Helps Your Hotel Meet Brand Standards

No matter what kind of hotel you work in, it’s likely you’re held to a set of standards that define the way you and your team work. Whether it’s a specific cleaning checklist your housekeepers use when turning over a room or a checklist of what your engineers should look for on property walks, your team probably follows brand specific guidelines that help ensure your hotel is meeting brand standards.

Your day is already incredibly busy beyond considering brand standards-but Quore can take a few things off your plate. Our tools work with your hotel to help you adhere to brand standards by consolidating requirements and making them easily accessible for every member of your team. We simplify your team’s work by standardizing their daily tasks in one easy-to-use solution.

Where We Come In

Templates serve as a way to jump start your to-do list-your hotel can use them to make daily tasks more consistent and efficient. If your hotel’s flag has specific standards for tasks, you can customize templates for those work items within Quore. Brands like IHG use this customization to ensure that they can track cleaning and PM performance digitally, across their portfolios. We’re even a Marriott recommended solution!

With brand templates in Quore, your whole team can align on the expectations for your hotel-and every other hotel within your brand.

This not only applies a new level of accountability to your team and improves overall visibility into brand expectations, but it also tracks tasks, giving you the opportunity to view trends and provide coaching when necessary. And it ensures you find the assets that require some extra help so they stick around longer! You can also use our Inspections templates to create property walks or mock QA inspections to continuously monitor your teams’ performance-and stay prepared for when those surprise QA inspections arise. Our Preventative Maintenance and Cleanings tools are created with all this in mind.

Let’s dive into how these help streamline everyday tasks:

Preventative Maintenance

Daily maintenance has its own set of requirements when it comes to meeting brand standards. With a digital tool to walk your team through their most important tasks, they’ll be able to stay organized-and get the job done quickly.

Quore removes the need for paper logs and hefty binders by putting the power of brand standards checklists in the palm of your hand. Our digital PM tools allow your engineering team to move through PMs in one place, and they can even include photos of inventory items on the PM list for added clarity. With better documentation comes a better sense of accountability-you can spot what’s going well with your team’s daily PMs, and what might need some extra work.

Plus, you can note if there are specific maintenance issues that keep popping up and get to the root of the problem.


As the industry’s leading Housekeeping Management solution, Quore provides your housekeeping department with the tools they need to comply to hotel cleaning standards on the go-and keeps your team responsible for meeting those standards. When your housekeeping staff uses digital templates over paper checklists, room cleaning data can be monitored over time, and any blind spots can be accounted for, making your department even more efficient.


Quore doesn’t just allow you to complete templated cleanings, maintenance and inspections on the go, it also tracks these tasks, so you can see how your team is doing in the long run. These insights can show you what you’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement-ensuring that your hotel is consistently providing the best possible service. This ensures you can easily identify areas that need improvement, too, and provides you with specific areas for coaching your team and giving specific feedback.

This takes the stress out of stressful brand audits! Some brands may allow you to utilize digital reports from Quore, which saves on paper and provides necessary data instantly.

Better Brand, Higher Satisfaction

The main motivation behind maintaining brand standards is quality-consistently providing your guests the best stay that you can, and then some. You can differentiate your brand by setting clear markers of an exceptional guest experience, every time. Taking note of the small details can have a big impact on your guests’ stay-and even result in brand loyalty. In fact, J.D. Power’s North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study shows that “a 1% increase in a hotel’s brand promise (as defined by the strength of its reputation) can improve a guest’s intent to recommend the hotel by over 3% and intent to rebook by over 4.5%”(Deloitte).

Quore helps you deliver a consistently amazing guest experience, so you have less worry about meeting your brand’s expectations when it comes to your daily and monthly tasks. We’re focused on giving your team the tools they need, when they need them. This way, your whole hotel benefits.

To learn more about what Quore can do for your brand, visit our website! For more industry posts, check out Our Industry.

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