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Quore Checklist Best Practices

September 4th, 2020

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Quore Checklist Best Practices

Quore’s Inspections app allows for customizable Inspection templates and Checklists that you can specify for any property, brand or company. Our Checklists allow you to add items and check them off a simple, sharable digital list so you can ensure your team maintains quality and sanitization standards for guest and staff peace of mind! 

Since our Checklists are so flexible, your team can utilize this feature however it works best at your property. We’ve put together a list of several best practices and ways our customers have successfully been using them. But before we dive in, we’ll take a quick look at where you’ll find Checklists in Quore. Then we’ll go into some of their use cases from our customers and finally share some Checklist DOs and DON’Ts.

How to Create and Utilize Checklists

Our Checklist feature isn’t its own app—it’s actually housed within the Inspections app. As a Quore customer, you can access our Checklist E-Learning Guide to walk you through everything you’ll need to know about creating, editing and accessing Checklists. 

How Our Customers Successfully Use Checklists 

Health & Safety Checklists 

Our Checklists have been particularly useful for hotel sanitization initiatives as well as health and safety checks. Adding a health and safety checklist within Quore allows you to distribute new protocols to your entire team instantly, and everyone will have access via the Quore desktop application or mobile app. This ensures each department has all the necessary details on things they need to check off to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Shift Checklists 

Creating Shift Checklists allows you to assign a standard list of tasks for your front desk, housekeeping or maintenance to complete during each shift. This helps every department track what needs to be taken care of during their shift so nothing’s missed! Plus you can set up a recurring Checklist for repeated tasks, so a new shift checklist pops up on your staff’s To Do List in Quore daily. 

Maintenance Checklists 

Some hotel engineers successfully use Checklists to complete small, daily maintenance tasks. This should not be used to complete Inspections, including property walks, but they have been used many times to complete daily rounds! 

Checklist DOs and DON’Ts 

DO Keep It Simple

Checklists should ideally be a list of things that need to be done, and checking them off simply represents that the line item has been taken care of. It’s essentially a basic tasklist for your team! 

DO Customize It for Your Property and Your Brand

You can easily copy and duplicate checklists to modify them for your specific property. This has been incredibly useful as local and regional municipalities have frequently updated their protocols to address COVID-19. Other large brands have created brand-specific checklists in response. You can see how IHG leveraged this feature here

DON’T Use It for Pass/Fail Items

We don’t recommend that our customers use Checklists for passing or failing items—that’s what Inspections are for! If you fail an item on an Inspection, Quore will automatically create a Task so that item can be followed up on. If you use Checklists in a pass/fail system, you might forget to follow up on items. 

DO Utilize Reporting on Checklists

Quore’s Reports app features a number of Inspections Reports, several of which can be utilized for Checklists. The Completed Inspections Items Report, Inspection Items Details Report, Inspection Summary Report and Completed Guestroom Inspections Report can all be utilized for a deeper understanding of when and what was completed. 

Ditch the Binder, Use Quore Checklists! 

Quore’s Checklists allow you to keep track of daily task lists and ensure that proper protocols are followed across departments and properties. The ability to easily copy and edit Checklists ensures that you can recreate processes for changing needs across locations, and you can easily keep track of how things are getting done with accessible digital reporting. 

To learn more about how Quore can help you optimize your hotel, visit our website. To find more best practices and industry insights, check out the rest of our blog

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