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You love hotels. We do too.

March 12th, 2019

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You love hotels. We do too.

Quore has been working behind the scenes since 2012, helping hotels streamline operations-but we realized something. While our customers have always advocated for our tools, and we were beginning to make a name for ourselves in the service optimization space, a lot of hotels still hadn’t heard of us!

Hometown Roots, Widespread Potential

Let us paint a picture for you: it’s 2011. Adele and Lady Gaga are constantly playing on the radio, Captain America just hit the big screen and Quore’s founder, Scott Schaedle, is working as a hotel engineer in Franklin, Tennessee.

Scott wanted to do his job more efficiently, and he knew there had to be a better way than communicating over loud radios and transferring information on sticky notes. So, he took it upon himself to find a solution. After sitting in his maintenance shop trying to create something to make his job easier, he put the solution originally known as “Kalucore” out into the hospitality world for beta testing in a few local properties. And he found out pretty quickly that he was on to something good.

Fast-forward to 2016, when Quore hit the first of many milestones: We became a Choice hotels qualified vendor and 1,000 properties were using our product! Then, the same year, Quore became an IHG preferred vendor. By the end of 2017, 2,500 hotels used Quore. And our growth didn’t stop there-by the end of 2018 Quore had over 3,400 properties using our solutions, and the numbers kept climbing.

We were also recognized as a Top Rated Housekeeping Management Software in the 2018 HotelTechAwards. Soon after, we launched the long-awaited Cleanings Plus app, which garnered Quore a second win for Best Housekeeping Software in the 2019 HotelTechAwards.

In just a few years, we established ourself as an award-winning service optimization solution in the hospitality industry. Now, we have over 3,600 properties and counting. We’re in 29 countries and have 65,000 unique users and over 80 hotel brands!

Why hadn’t more of the hospitality world heard of us? In a market full of options, we wanted to set ourselves apart as the friendlier solution-the solution that’s focused on you and how you want to run your hotel! That’s what we set out to do.

Focused on the End-User

Since our success had primarily been through word-of-mouth via happy customers, we had to come up with a new approach to get the word out. That got us thinking about our users, our values and what we hoped to accomplish. And it brought us back to our beginnings, full circle.

Our story started with a hotel engineer, and seven years later, we’re still focused on engineers-plus everyone else at your hotel! Our end-user is the housekeeper working long hours, the engineer struggling to communicate, the GM managing all the teams-those are the lives we’re here to improve.

We know you and your staff know how to run your hotel-Quore is simply here to make running things easier. Because we care about the things you care about, we always build with our end-user in mind.

You love hotels, and we do too. When we thought about that, it was like lightning suddenly struck. That’s what we needed the rest of the hospitality world to see.

A Campaign to Mirror Our Growth

“We do too” became the whole inspiration behind our latest campaign. In our ads, you’ll see that the people, the end-users, are the main focus. Surrounded by bright colors and playful shapes that communicate our friendly and approachable nature as a brand, our customers remain the central focus. Our “we do too” statements show an array of hotel jobs, situations and ideas that we care about too.

The new campaign wasn’t the only way we decided to put our best foot forward.

New Look, Same Great Solutions

Just like you shed your grunge look after college, we came to a point where our company outgrew our old appearance. So, before we launched our new campaign, we unveiled a brand-new look and feel on our website.

Our new branding embodies our modern take on a centuries-old industry-blending time-honored hospitality traditions with the promise of present-day technology. We draw inspiration from the mid-century era of hospitality, a time of post-war optimism, accessible travel, warm service and rising hope for technology.

The new site, branding and our “we do too” campaign embody this blend of style through the use of vibrant colors, playful geometric shapes and brightly-lit portraiture. Patterns add depth, texture and fluidity to our designs, but we keep things accessible, using negative space to mirror the simplicity and clarity that Quore provides.

Ultimately, we’re using this entire opportunity, our new website and campaign, to bring our true vision to life: a future in which technology enables great service through great people.

After all-smarter team, happier guest.

Smarter Team, Happier Guest

From hometown roots to global presence, we hope you’re as excited about our future as we are. Our humble beginnings stay at the center of what we do, no matter how far we go. The sky’s the limit for Quore, and not just because our software is cloud-based.

We know there are lots of tools you could use to manage your hotel, and you don’t have to choose us-but our customers have some pretty compelling reasons for choosing us! Check out our customer stories to see what users are saying about Quore.

You can learn more about what Quore has to offer at www.quore.com. And, if you have any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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