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How Quore’s Updated Readings App Makes Hotels Safer

August 5th, 2021

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How Quore’s Updated Readings App Makes Hotels Safer

This past year has proven that public health is something we all need to take seriously, especially in the hospitality industry. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, hotels all over the world went to great lengths to keep their guests and staff safe through emergency protocols like temperature checks, increased sanitization measures, and social distancing. Here at Quore, we endeavored to help our users with these protocols by creating unique in-app features like health and safety logs

With increased visibility on the health and safety of our customers, Quore is introducing a brand new feature in our Readings app in an effort to help hotels prevent other public health issues, like legionella. Legionella is a bacteria that typically grows in freshwater and causes Legionnaires’ disease – a serious and sometimes fatal form of pneumonia.

In the updated Readings app, users now have a field in the Boiler section on both the desktop app and mobile apps where they can record storage tank temperatures or “holding temperatures” to ensure that they’re staying within the parameters to kill legionella. There’s also a “Notes” box where hotel engineers (or other staff members) can jot down any relevant information.

Reports can also be pulled for the temperature history via the desktop app, which provides management with sufficient documentation to prove that they have the proper protocols in place to prevent any public health issues due to legionella. 

This impacted our industry back in 2019 when there was a deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, which killed one person and infected 11 others. The attorney for those affected stated, “Every hotel knows that bacteria live in its water systems. That’s why they have policies, that’s why they have procedures, that’s why they have treatment programs for making sure that legionella doesn’t grow in water systems.” 

The growth range for legionella is between 68 –  122 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the CDC’s legionella prevention guidelines, hot water must be stored at or above 140 degrees in order to kill the bacteria, then delivered at or above 124 degrees. Circulating hot water should have a minimum return temperature of 120 degrees. With this new enhancement, Quore users can document and track these temperatures.

Quore is proud to continue proving that when technology and hospitality partner together, it boosts our ability to keep hotel guests and staff safe! More information about our Readings app is available exclusively for Quore users on Quore Learn.

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