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Inspect Unassigned Rooms and See Room Types with These Cleanings Plus Updates

July 29th, 2021

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Inspect Unassigned Rooms and See Room Types with These Cleanings Plus Updates

Cleanings Plus is a great way to ensure that your housekeeping staff has all the tools they need to succeed. Some of the perks include flexible breakout boards, adding Room Notices, and the ability to track housekeeper progress in real-time. While Cleanings Plus is an add-on, many Quore users consider it a must-have because it keeps their housekeeping staff on track and makes it easier to communicate with other departments.

We’ve recently added some new updates to Cleanings Plus, which will help streamline your housekeeping operations even more!

Inspect Unassigned Rooms

Previously, a room had to be assigned to a housekeeper in order for a supervisor to inspect it, but not anymore. Inspecting unassigned rooms might come in handy when a guest doesn’t show up, in which case the room is vacant and already clean. This update is available on the mobile app and allows rooms to be ready faster so new guests can check in earlier, if necessary. 

Room Type Visibility

Housekeepers have a lot on their plates every day so we made it a little easier to anticipate how long it will take to clean each room. With this update, housekeeping staff are now able to view Room Types on their boards, so they can see which rooms are kings, queens, doubles, suites, etc. This feature is available on both the desktop and mobile apps and will help housekeepers plan their day better, which boosts efficiency across the whole team.

Bulk Room Notices

Supervisors now have the option to add Room Notices in bulk on the Breakout Overview page, which will flow into the Rooms Grid. This tool might be useful in cases where a large group is checking out late or if multiple rooms require the same service, like a change of sheets. Supervisors can utilize this feature on the desktop app, then either housekeepers or the supervisors themselves can complete the Room Notices on their mobile devices.

Assign Floors and Filter by Floor

This update to the desktop app allows users to assign rooms to respective floors, then filter rooms by floor, making it easier to see cleaning activity on a single floor. It’s also a great option for hotels outside of the U.S., where floors may have alpha-numeric designations. 

Quore is always striving to make our app as effective as possible when it comes to saving hotel staff time and making their jobs easier. If your users have any questions or want to take a deeper dive into how to use Cleanings Plus, find more information over on Quore Learn!

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