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Meet Your Guests Where They Are

February 1st, 2017

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Meet your guests where they are

According to a recent Harris Interactive Poll, 64% of customers prefer text messaging vs. calling for customer service help. Now you can meet your guests where they are, with Quore's Connect App featuring SMS texting from your guests directly to your hotel staff. Connect gives your hotel guests the freedom to full enjoy their stay on their terms-through direct communication with your hotel staff using SMS texting.

64%of customers prefer text messaging vs. calling for customer service help source: Harris Interactive Poll

Better Follow-Through

Connect makes it easy to turn unstructured texts into structured, actionable tasks within the Quore platform. This means better management of requests from your staff, and better follow-through for your guests.

One System for All

Connect is part of the larger Quore ecosystem, making it easy for your staff to do their jobs and communicate with customers in a single location. It's an optional, affordable alternative to third party SMS services, all within the platform your staff already knows and loves.

To learn more about Quore’s Connect App, schedule a demo today with one of our specialists.

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