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Happy Holidays, from Team Quore

December 23rd, 2020

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Holidays at Quore

Team Quore does not let the holiday season pass unnoticed. In fact, it’s collectively our favorite time of the year! Between the festive decor lining the halls of our office to tacky attire at the holiday party, it’s hard not to get in the spirit. 

Over the years, we established a few holiday traditions of our own. First, there’s always a white elephant gift exchange, and it gets very competitive. Gifts vary drastically—there’s always crowd pleasers as well as some lemons, but at the end of the day relationships remain intact. Also, there must be karaoke and of course tacky attire.

Team Quore Holiday Celebrations of Seasons Past
Team Quore Holiday Celebrations of Seasons Past

Recreating Holiday Magic

Like with everything else this year we adapted to the circumstances. Our fearless leader of people operations, Jena Garrett, tackled the challenge of recreating our holiday traditions from afar. It was the inaugural year for Holiday Bingo, which played to our competitiveness and flair for song. By completing specific holiday activities (with proof!), we battled for B-I-N-G-O and subsequent prizes. We also quickly identified acquaintances of good ole Cousin Eddie with seasonal movie trivia. And finally not to be outdone, the virtual white elephant gift exchange delivered the most amusing and outlandish gifts to date. 

Team Quore 2020 Holiday Festivities
Team Quore 2020 Holiday Festivities

Quore’s Own Little Elf: ChiChi

Normally festive decor begins to trickle into our office and on our desks in late November. A certain someone at the office wouldn’t let the year pass without that happening. While we continue to work from home, ChiChi carried that torch for us.

The holidays look different this year, but the sentiment remains the same. Happy holidays from all of us here at Quore!

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