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Inspect What You Expect

October 19th, 2021

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Inspect What You Expect

Quore is the perfect tool to provide clarity and accountability to hotel teams so it’s easier to inspect what you expect, which raises standards all around. Leaders can easily communicate with their team about what is expected, see how individuals are performing and provide thoughtful feedback and insights. Sounds easy, right? But there’s a little more to it than that.

How To Inspect What You Expect

Setting clear expectations and holding teams accountable is great in theory, but the reality of fast-paced life in a busy hotel sometimes means that expectations can fall by the wayside, which causes standards to slip. But have no fear – Quore is here to help! Here are three simple ways leaders can utilize Quore to “inspect what you expect” so that the entire hotel team shines: 

Set expectations.

Quore helps managers inform their teams of what’s expected of them, so everyone can hold themselves to a consistent standard. Managers utilize Quore’s brand-specific templates for Inspections and Checklists, or create their own and add as much detail as they’d like! You can’t hold people accountable if they don’t know what’s expected of them, so show your team what you’re actually looking for instead of turning them loose with limited direction. That way, hotel employees know exactly what needs to be done, when, and how so that nothing gets overlooked. When everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them, it provides much-needed clarity which leads to the next point…

Communicate clearly. 

Out with the walkie-talkies, in with Quore’s real-time in-app messaging! Quore provides faster, smoother and more discreet communication among hotel staff. Additionally, staff members can leave comments on certain work orders, requests, inspections and across shifts so that everyone is on the same page. Quore also alerts users when things get completed so that teams know exactly when issues are resolved, which provides peace of mind that a certain process has been completed. If a work order is left outstanding for too long or a room is not cleaned to hotel standards, communicate to your staff what needs to be done differently next time and why. The success of a hotel is dependent upon every department doing its part. Leaders can’t be everywhere at once, so Quore helps seamlessly support, coach and praise teams, which will elevate standards and performance all around. 

Reward performance. 

When hotel teams perform well, their hard work should be acknowledged! Quore allows you to run reports so you can see key insights and trends such as who inspected which rooms, what items failed, how fast work orders were completed and more. Utilize these metrics to quantify results for your team so that come review time, you have a record of how well employees did and can recognize them for it. Tip: bring these reports to daily huddles to praise high performers and share best practices. 

Following these three guidelines will help leaders empower their hotel teams. Quore’s motto is “smarter team, happier guests” because we truly believe that Quore is the most valuable tool that hotels can implement to streamline staff operations and boost performance. For more information on how your team can get the most out of Quore, users can find in-depth articles and resources over on Quore Learn

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