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Meet #TeamQuore – Home To Over 140 Years of Hospitality Experience

August 26th, 2021

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Meet #TeamQuore – Home To Over 140 Years of Hospitality Experience

One thing we’re very proud of here at Quore is the amount of hospitality experience that our employees bring to the table. As a company, we have over 140  years of collective hotel experience, spread across multiple departments. Quore employees have worked at all of the major hotel brands, in every role. The average person walks about 1,400 miles in a year, so that means we’ve walked 198,800 miles in our customers’ shoes!

So how does all that collective hospitality experience help us? At Quore, we don’t just think of ourselves as a tech company, but as a hospitality company that provides technology. That’s especially true over on our Success Team, where our Hotel Success Specialists interact with Quore users on a daily basis, helping them get their hotels set up and learn how to use Quore. In fact, hospitality experience is one of the main criteria we look for when hiring Success Specialists.

No one knows more about Quore’s Hotel Success Team than its manager, Suzanne Perry, who brings the most hotel experience to Quore. Suzanne has worked in multiple hotels and she’s held many titles. From the front desk to housekeeping to management, she’s done it all! Her experience helps her know our customers’ perspectives, so she can relate to them on a deeper level and better understand their needs.

When customers call Quore, there’s an unspoken connection when they find out that the Success Specialist on the other end of the phone has worked in a hotel too. Hospitality experience helps our Specialists empathize with customers, because they understand exactly what they’re going through and how Quore can help make their jobs easier.

Hotel experience is important in other departments too, like Account Management. One of our Account Managers, Collier Mathis, spent 10 years working in hotels before coming to Quore. Collier started off as a Success Specialist, where his experience helped him relate to Quore’s end users from a property perspective. Now that Collier has transitioned to Account Management and works more with management companies, he has a better understanding of what they’re really looking for and how Quore can help the property-level staff members at their hotels.  

On the product side of things, our Project Manager Kelly Smith brings 5 years of hotel experience to Quore. She knows first-hand what different departments go through and how we can enhance our app to better fit their needs. As a former Assistant Director of Housekeeping herself, Kelly’s been especially excited about all of the updates to Cleanings Plus because she knows how much it will benefit all of the housekeeping staffs who use Quore.

Hospitality experience at Quore extends all the way up to our CEO, Scott Schaedle, who began designing Quore while he worked as an engineer at a local hotel – a hotel that now utilizes Quore! In fact, our company offices overlook that very hotel. So when we say we’re always keeping our customers in mind, we really mean it!

One of our Quore values is, “We build for the end user.” Having such deep roots in the hotel industry helps us remember that, so we can keep ourselves accountable to the people who use our app every day. Hospitality is all about making your guest a priority, and that’s what we strive to do for our customers.

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