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What Do Modern Hotel Guests Want?

February 10th, 2023

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What Do Modern Hotel Guests Want?

The needs of modern hotel guests are different from what they were ten or even five years ago. The hospitality industry has faced some significant challenges over the last few years, which have had a trickle-down effect on the needs and wants of the people we’re all here to serve: hotel guests. The American Hospitality and Lodging Association recently released its annual report about the current state of the hotel industry, which is packed with great data and helpful information. 

One of the most important insights this year’s report covered was how consumer preferences have shifted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. With everything that’s happened over the last few years – from the pandemic to new technologies to the rise of digital nomads – it’s important for hoteliers to ask themselves: What do modern hotel guests really want? And what can I do to meet their changing needs?


Cleanliness plays a large role in the overall guest experience. We all became more sensitive to the importance of health and hygiene standards during the pandemic and although social distancing and mask-wearing are not as commonplace anymore, hoteliers still need to be sensitive to the fact that some guests choose to remain cautious. 

Perception of quality is also a big factor when it comes to cleanliness. If a guest walks in and sees dust everywhere or mud all over the floor, they’re going to start making negative assumptions about the quality of the hotel. Ensuring that your property is neat and clean goes a long way to making guests feel more comfortable. 

Here’s How Quore Can Help

Quore has many features that can assist hotels with maintaining brand and hygiene standards that will improve their overall cleanliness scores. Our Cleanings and Cleanings Plus apps help housekeepers boost productivity and clean rooms faster, and our Inspections app helps to ensure that every guest room and area of your hotel looks picture-perfect and complies with brand standards. 


Affordability has always been a top concern among hotel guests, and that’s even more true now with inflation at high levels and recession fears on the horizon. Travel rates remain on the rise, but guests still want a good deal. According to the AHLA, “a majority (54%) of consumers want to receive discount or loyalty program offers from their favorite lodging establishments.”

Offering lower rates to customers means that hotels need to find ways to cut down on operational costs, which is not always easy. Utilizing software solutions is one way that many properties seek to cut down on these costs.

Here’s How Quore Can Help

Quore boosts productivity and makes it easier for hotel teams to communicate, which helps them do more with fewer staff members. This is especially helpful amid ongoing staffing shortages. Quore also offers finance tools like our Budget and CapEx apps, which allow hotels to streamline capital expenditures and gain more transparency in their budgets so they can make smarter purchasing decisions.


Sustainability is a hot topic in the hospitality industry these days. Implementing environmentally-friendly practices is not only good for the planet, but it’s also good for your hotel guests! According to the AHLA study, “11% of consumers consider environmentally friendly practices to be in their top three factors influencing their choice to stay in a hotel.”

Modern guests want to feel good about their choices, and that includes the products and services that they buy. Technology is a great environmentally-friendly choice for savvy hoteliers who seek to appeal to modern guests. Cloud-based technology means less paper needs to be used in every department of your hotel.

Here’s How Quore Can Help

Quore helps hotels “go green” in a variety of ways. Our To Do app allows users to create their to-do lists virtually, and they can assign tasks to any department or user. Logging tasks in the app cuts down on Post-Its and extraneous paper usage. Our Budget app digitizes your finances, which means you can say “bye-bye” to hefty binders and endless paperwork. Our PMs app ensures that every asset in your hotel is in working order, which can cut down on energy costs and help extend the lifetime value of hotel assets. 

Modern Hotel Guests and the Future of Hospitality

Overall, this most recent AHLA report sees the evolution of guest needs as positive for our industry! Modern guest needs are changing, yes, but hotels are changing too. Technology services like Quore make it much easier for busy hoteliers to adapt, maintain flexibility, and cut down on operational costs.  

Interested in helping meet modern guests where they are with Quore? Send us a message or reach out to our Sales Team! You can also catch us at the AHLA-sponsored Hospitality Show at the Venetian in Las Vegas, June 27-29th. Swing by booth #1142 and say hello!

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