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6 Hotel Management Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

January 24th, 2023

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6 Hotel Management Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

Starting your hotel’s new year off right sounds great in theory, but the reality of hotel management can be overwhelming. Hotels are busy places with lots of team members, moving parts and changing initiatives. The best way to start the year off right is to start small! Small changes in key areas of your operations can yield drastic results if you’re consistent. 

Putting strategic processes in place now will set you up for success later on. You’re less likely to scramble when things get busy because you’ll already have a plan in place to tackle common issues like PMs, inspections, budgets and more. Here are six hotel management tips you can use right now to get ahead now and start the new year off right.

Plan For Preventative Maintenance

Is there a worse feeling than rushing around at the end of a quarter trying to complete all of your outstanding PMs? It’s stressful, inefficient and most importantly – it’s avoidable. Your hotel can only reap the benefits of preventative maintenance if it’s done in a timely and thoughtful manner. Plan out your PMs now so you’re not left scrambling later on, and your engineers have more time to complete them. 

Have there been any changes to your hotel or brand standards lately? Update your PM templates within Quore so they reflect these changes and ensure all work is done in accordance with any standards your hotel adheres to. It’s also a good idea to meet with your engineering team to make sure everyone is on the same page about what your expectations are.

Increase Housekeeping Productivity

Housekeeping is one of the departments with the highest turnover rate in hotels, so make sure to meet with your housekeeping team regularly to ensure that any new employees know their roles and responsibilities. Quore makes it much easier to onboard new hotel employees and get them up to speed faster. 

The Cleanings app gives room inspectors the ability to track cleanliness after rooms are cleaned by housekeeping teams. You can also create custom inspection checklists to ensure that every room is cleaned and inspected per hotel and brand standards. 

If you really want to take your housekeeper productivity to the next level, consider upgrading to Cleanings Plus. With this add-on feature, you can digitize your breakout boards and define cleanings by either credits or time, so it’s easier to distribute the workload more evenly across the department. The reporting features also give hotel management and department heads valuable insights into their team’s productivity so you can target areas for improvement.

Utilize Inspection Templates

While the PMs, Cleanings and Cleanings Plus apps are more specific to the engineering and housekeeping departments, the Inspections app is a great place to house the checklists that other teams might need during the day. With the Inspections app, you can create custom inspection templates to help your team with tasks such as property walks, managers’ inspections, regional site visits, checklists for the front desk and more!

Creating inspection templates in Quore will help every department in your hotel be more thorough, so no issue ever gets overlooked. These templates also foster clearer communication across your team about what is expected and what standards your hotel is striving to achieve, so you can maintain consistency no matter who is doing the inspection.

Balance Your Monthly Hotel Budget

Was last year’s budget season full of giant binders and last-minute scrambles to pull your hotel’s finances together? Make sure that doesn’t happen again this year! Quore’s Budget app is a great tool to help hotel managers plan for monthly expenditures in advance, so you’re less likely to be surprised by unforeseen expenses come budget season. You can anticipate how many rooms you’ll sell, and at what rate, which makes it easier to track your available budget and ensure that you don’t overspend.

The Budget app also works hand-in-hand with our Checkbook app, where you can post exactly what you’re spending money on. Each posted transaction will be detracted from the available budget, so there’s increased transparency into where money is being spent and how much money is left for future expenses.

Expedite CapEx Approvals

Speaking of future expenses, running a hotel is a costly endeavor and there are always more expenses on the horizon. Quore’s CapEx app is a great tool to set up approval flows, which expedites the entire approval process. Setting up these approval flows now will make for a more streamlined and stress-free budget season. 

The CapEx app also helps you forecast and takes into account inflation rates, so you have a much better idea about what’s in store for your hotel’s financial future. Forecasting also makes it easier to plan for upcoming expenses, even during uncertain economic times.

Prioritize Guest Satisfaction

Find small ways to increase guest satisfaction because guests notice little touches. When a guest requests something, they want it addressed in a timely manner. With Quore, all guest requests entered into the system are seen as a priority task. The person to whom the task is assigned will then receive escalation alerts. If these requests are not completed promptly, they will be escalated to management to ensure that guests are taken care of. Encourage your hotel team members to go the extra mile with guests and do everything they can to make sure every guest’s stay is enjoyable. 

Streamline Hotel Management With Quore

Hopefully, these hotel management tips will set your hotel up for success this year! When you plan and have a solid strategy, you can feel confident knowing you have the processes in place to tackle any challenge that comes your way. 

Want to learn more? Users can check out Quore Learn! If you’re not a Quore user yet but are interested in becoming one, contact our Sales team!

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