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Customer Spotlight: John Brewster, Chief Engineer

May 24th, 2022

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Customer Spotlight: John Brewster, Chief Engineer

John Brewster has been the Chief Engineer at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Franklin, TN since the hotel first opened its doors in 2021. Before opening this hotel, John and his General Manager, Paul Tyson, were both Quore users in their roles at previous properties and knew that Quore would be instrumental in starting their new hotel off on the right foot!

Chief Engineer, John Brewster

Their property has been using Quore since it opened and John couldn’t imagine his job without it. We recently spent the day with John to learn more about all of the issues that Quore helps him with on a day-to-day basis and what his favorite things are about the app. As a Chief Engineer, John relies heavily on Quore to stay on top of preventative maintenance and work orders. He starts each day off with Quore before he even walks through the hotel door.

The Most Important Hotel Engineer Tool

“Every morning,” John says, “Quore sends an emailed report of the previous day and what the techs have done and how they’ve been productive.” Productivity and efficiency are always a top priority at hotels, especially in the engineering department, and Quore is a big part of the reason why John is able to stay on top of his tasks. “Quore is really instrumental in helping track productivity and work orders, as well as seeing trends and different items that go wrong in rooms.”

Chief Engineer checking readings.

John’s co-workers often refer to him as John “put it in Quore!” Brewster because he’s passionate about tracking everything he does in Quore and that “if it’s not in Quore, it didn’t happen!” He’s the Quore Champion at his hotel and loves how the immediacy that Quore provides helps him respond to guest requests right away. “If it’s an immediate need,” he says, “Quore dings you and lets you know that’s a priority.”

There’s no doubt in John’s mind that Quore has helped his hotel improve guest satisfaction because “there have been many times where I’ll get a Quore Guest Request and I’ll be on that same floor and I’ll have everything I need with me. So I’ll go up and knock on the door and they’re like, ‘Wow, that was really fast!’”

Another issue that Quore has helped solve at his hotel is inter-department communication, especially between engineering and housekeeping. He explains that his hotel has “had a lot of turnover in housekeeping as I think a lot of hotels during the post-COVID season have. Quore has helped keep that communications process very consistent on reporting things in rooms or in parts of the hotel that need to be done.”

Hotel engineer speaks with front desk.

With the heavy turnover and understaffing that the hospitality industry has seen lately, the fact that Quore is so easy-to-use has been a big help to John’s hotel. “Quore is very user-friendly,” he says. “Everything is spelled out for you… it’s so much easier than using a paper system because you can just punch it in. You carry your phone with you anyway and it’s right there.” Quore also offers a number of learning resources to users, such as Quore Learn, a Quore Innsiders Facebook group, and recurring “Quore refresher” webinars.

The hospitality industry has changed a lot over the years and Quore has helped John’s hotel navigate the shifts in things like brand standards and cleanliness protocols. We loved getting to know John and his co-workers and hearing about their experience using Quore. Check out this video to learn more about John!

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