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How Preventative Maintenance Saves Hotels Money

April 14th, 2022

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How Preventative Maintenance Saves Hotels Money

If you work in a hotel, you’ve probably heard that preventative maintenance is extremely important. But do you understand all the reasons why or how preventative maintenance can save hotels money? Let’s dig into all the ways!

Preventative maintenance, or “PMs” as industry insiders call it, is the act of routinely servicing assets around a hotel to ensure that they’re in working order and repairing or replacing equipment as needed. It’s called “preventative” because this style of maintenance ensures that problems are fixed before they have the chance to arise in the first place.

How Do PMs Save Hotels Money?

A routine PM program saves hotels money because it prevents small problems from snowballing and becoming larger (more expensive) problems down the line. For example, when hotel HVAC and lighting systems are regularly maintained to ensure that they’re operating as efficiently as possible, hotels can save on their energy bill. With energy prices on the rise, that’s a great opportunity for hotels to save money. All it takes on their part is a routine and thorough preventative maintenance program, which is where Quore comes in. 

Quore offers the ability to create custom PM templates so that hotels can ensure their preventative maintenance program is thorough and in adherence with brand standards. Many large management companies, such as IHG, actually identify Quore as their preferred vendor for all preventative maintenance needs and we offer custom PM templates specifically for their hotels. 

Hotels can also document their inventory within Quore and connect their PM templates directly to those assets. Within our Inventory app, users can see a work order history for each asset which helps hotels manage the condition of their assets over time. So if a guest room refrigerator has a lengthy work order history, hotels can determine whether it would be more cost-effective to simply replace it. 

Smarter PMs, Happier Guest

Many of the ways that PMs positively impact a hotel’s bottom line are obvious: there are fewer broken assets, and therefore less time is wasted fixing big problems that could have been prevented. But preventative maintenance has many other benefits that are not as immediately apparent. For example, did you know that preventative maintenance also keeps guests happier? 

Hotel room assets that are regularly maintained are much less likely to break and a hotel guest who has to deal with a broken shower or in-room refrigerator is far less likely to leave a positive online review. Since hotels rely heavily on these reviews to bring in business, a negative one can have a big fiscal impact. Hotels that use Quore, however, have seen a 7% improvement in guest satisfaction scores and have also improved their problem-handling scores by 3.3 points! 

The Future of Preventative Maintenance

The last few years have been difficult for the hospitality industry. Now, on the heels of a global pandemic, many hotels are still facing hardship with understaffing issues, inflation, and so on. They’re looking for small ways to save money because, over time, those small ways add up. Implementing a regular PM schedule is one of the best ways that hotels can extend the lifetime value of their assets, which is why we’re seeing more hotels highlight the importance of preventative maintenance right now. 

For more information about scheduling PMs in Quore, users can check out Quore Learn. Interested in learning about how Quore can improve the preventative maintenance program at your hotel? Get in touch and let us know how we can help!

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