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5 Ways to Help Hotel Staff Adopt New Tech

March 31st, 2022

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5 Ways to Help Hotel Staff Adopt New Tech

The hospitality industry has evolved a lot over the last few years. Hotels were beginning to adopt new technologies prior to 2020, but the covid-19 pandemic spurred a revolution in the advancement of hospitality tech and it doesn’t look like that trend is stopping any time soon. Technology helps hotel staff streamline their daily tasks and communicate more easily with guests, while also offering management more insights into how they can improve their bottom line.

New technologies are the way forward, but it can be difficult to change old habits and work processes, especially in hotels that are used to the “old ways” of communicating with post-it notes and walkie-talkies. Adaptation takes time, but it is possible to expedite the process. Here are five easy ways to help your hotel staff adopt new tech:

Show The Value in New Tech

When introducing a new piece of technology to your team, make it clear why you’re implementing this change in the first place. Explain how technology fosters better communication and more efficient use of time. Tasks that once involved multiple steps can now be done with the click of a button, which makes life easier for everyone! 

Help Them Learn

Learning any new skill is difficult, especially when it feels like a task on top of your already heavy workload. Help your staff learn how to navigate any new technologies you introduce by offering them tools and resources. When we roll out Quore to new hotels, we offer a host of learning assistance via Quore Learn, ongoing webinars, and Quore Innsiders. The easier it is to learn, the faster your team will adapt, which brings us to our next point… 

Make It Fun!

Have your team band together to learn and implement new technologies. In Quore, staff can communicate with each other and leave encouraging messages on the communal logbook. Try turning your new tech into a game. Who can complete their morning tasks the fastest? Who left the fewest post-it notes on the front desk computer yesterday? Learning anything is easier when it doesn’t feel like work!

Follow The Leader

Designate someone in your organization as the cheerleader for the new tech and the go-to person for all questions. We always recommend that hotels designate a team member as their “Quore Champion.” This will be the onsite person responsible for understanding the ins and outs of Quore’s system and training staff on how to use it. When you have one person leading the charge, it will be easier for other team members to follow along in their footsteps. 

Quantify Results and Recognize Achievements 

Prove to your team members why adopting new tech is so great. Set clear expectations for how you’d like them to use this technology and reward them for doing so. With Quore, the more hotel staff members use it, the more benefits they get out of the system. Employees will be able to more effectively balance their workloads and hotel management will gain insights into how the hotel is improving overall. The benefits of adopting new tech extend to hotel guests as well. Hotels that adopt Quore see better guest satisfaction scores as a result. At the end of the day, we’re all here to provide guests with a great experience and technology makes that easier.

Remember that consistency is key and repetition creates new habits. Learning a new skill can always seem challenging at first, but taking small steps will ultimately yield big results!

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