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The Growth of the Deskless Workforce & How to Support It

February 19th, 2020

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The deskless workforce comprises approximately 80% of the working population. However, up until recent years, the technology industry has overlooked this portion of the workforce in favor of the 20% of people working at a desk, in an office. By definition, those included within the term “deskless workforce” are any person that does not sit behind a desk to do their job—from retail and agriculture to transportation and hospitality. 

The hospitality industry makes up 122 million of that 80%, which means hospitality workplace solutions, especially in the hospitality technology space, have to be ready with products that cater to a largely deskless team. 

Technology’s Impact

“Empowering the human workforce with technology is a current initiative,” says Emergence, a Bay Area venture capital firm. Adopting technology isn’t about replacing the deskless workforce—it’s about empowering it! Of those surveyed, Emergence found that 82% of hospitality companies were planning on increasing their spending on technology to aid that initiative. And, as the demand for new technology to serve guests increases, so will the variety of tools designed to meet the needs of the industry. 

So, not only is technology impacting the deskless workforce at large, it’s also dramatically shaping the hospitality industry—especially in recent years. While some may wonder why an industry that has existed successfully for hundreds of years would need the aid of technology, hotels that implement modern technological solutions have been able to streamline work across their organizations.

VentureBeat investigated exactly why technology is so important for the deskless workforce. For teams that are predominantly deskless, their main request was an increase in productivity. Modern society utilizes technology to aid almost every aspect of day to day life—and hotels should be no exception. Tools exist to help optimize bookings, save energy, and even to help you monitor online reviews. 

With so many tools to choose from, it’s important to determine which ones are best suited for your business. As more and more technology companies are creating products to fit the needs of workers who are on the go, it’s easier than ever before to accommodate the changing needs of your staff. In fact, mobile technology adoption is up 94%! Going mobile is an easy way to make sure your team has the tools they need from anywhere. Hotel employees can use a mobile device in order to quickly meet the needs of guests, wherever they are, which can help save you time and money. Quore is one of the first tools to have a mobile app created specifically for your team! Hotel housekeepers, engineers and others are able to utilize the app on their mobile device so that work gets done swiftly. 

In addition to increasing productivity and saving you money in the long run, it can also help improve your deskless employees’ experience at work. Invest in the technology that will not only streamline the operations side of things, but it will also propel your business forward into the future!

Connect Your Team

In an industry where turnover rates are high, investing in a tool to help improve and streamline communication can help keep everyone engaged. OnUpKeep surveyed 1,000 people to understand how the deskless workforce operates and found that only 56% were feeling connected to and engaged by their employers. Creating a space that allows for new ways to communicate and collaborate, even in jobs that tend to be fairly autonomous, will allow for a stronger sense of togetherness for your team. This could take place in a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss personal highs and lows in addition to business highs and lows or even just making time to meet one on one with your staff to check in. 

EXO Platform recommends having a calendar posted in a public space can also help keep deskless employees up to date when it comes to all hotel happenings—from company news to activities or even events, you can make sure that they’re aware of what’s happening and when! 

Quore is designed specifically for the way that hotel teams interact, and we have a mobile application so that it can be utilized from anywhere, even without a desk. No matter which apps your team uses in Quore, they’re designed to help your team work better together. Our most recent video, “Together, with Quore,” demonstrates the teamwork in action. Any hotel team, no matter how far apart they may be physically, can collaborate in seconds. 

What’s Next?

As technology companies begin to pay more attention to the opportunity presented by the deskless workforce, the industries affected will be better able to serve the needs of their employees—creating a better culture in the process. Quore is proud to be providing a solution for the hospitality industry, specifically for the deskless workforce! 

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