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Cleanings Plus Gives Housekeepers Credit

March 21st, 2022

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Cleanings Plus Gives Housekeepers Credit

Housekeepers are hotel heroes and Quore is passionate about supporting their work. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that our premium Cleanings Plus app just got even better! Now, in addition to defining cleanings by time, housekeeping teams have the option to define cleanings by credits. Many hotels already use a housekeeper credits system to create their breakout boards because it factors in room type and cleaning type. This enhancement to Cleanings Plus means that users can now more efficiently balance the workload for their housekeepers in addition to tracking their individual productivity.

Different hotels likely have different valuations for how many minutes one credit is worth (it could be 30 minutes at one property and 60 minutes at another) but all of that is customizable within Cleanings Plus based on the property’s individual preferences. Hotel guest expectations are constantly evolving, which means that hotel teams must adapt to higher standards and Quore makes that easier than ever.

Housekeeper Credits Now Available in Quore

While our Cleanings app comes standard with Quore, Cleanings Plus is a premium add-on. Where Cleanings allows users to inspect rooms for tracking purposes, Cleanings Plus expands on that by allowing users to also break out boards and distribute them electronically to the housekeeping team. Users can also monitor cleanings in real time, receive notifications when rooms are ready for inspection and have the added benefit of tracking cleaning productivity.

Cleanings Plus also provides multiple reports including a daily End of Breakout Report that is now automatically emailed to managers and Executive Housekeepers when the breakout ends. These reports provide teams with valuable insights into daily staff performance and how they can help their housekeepers boost productivity. Time saved is dollars earned and Cleanings Plus helps make that mantra a reality by streamlining housekeeping operations to improve your hotel’s bottom line.

Learn More About Cleanings Plus

Quore customers can learn more about all the benefits Cleanings Plus has to offer over on Quore Learn. Interested in adding Cleanings Plus to your Quore subscription package? Contact our Sales Team today so you can elevate your hotel operations by giving housekeepers the credit they deserve with Cleanings Plus!

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