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Finding Your Hotel’s Quore Champion

February 17th, 2022

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Finding Your Hotel’s Quore Champion

Every great movement needs a champion to help spread the word and implementing Quore into your hotel is no different! While Quore is proven to simplify staff operations and improve accountability, it can be difficult for staff members to adapt to new technologies when they’re used to good old-fashioned pen and paper. That’s why we always recommend designating a “Quore Champion” when hotels introduce Quore to their staff. This will be the onsite person responsible for understanding the ins and outs of Quore’s system and training staff on how to use it. So what should you look for when choosing your hotel’s chosen champion?

Be A Leader

A Quore Champion is someone who feels comfortable leading. It’s also a great development opportunity for an up-and-coming leader at your hotel or someone who is looking for more responsibility. Your champion will be the first one to learn how to operate Quore, but we make that easy with all of the learning materials we have available, like Quore Learn! Quore Learn offers a number of great guides and videos that will help staff members in every area of your hotel become an expert at how to use Quore.

Look for Answers

Resourcefulness is another great quality in a Quore Champion and luckily, assistance resources are available 24/7 through our Support Team. Team members are always just a phone call or email away and can help with any questions that might come up during your onboarding process and beyond.

We also have an exclusive Facebook group for Quore users called Quore Innsiders, where users can connect, share tips and advance their knowledge of Quore. Quore Innsiders is a great resource for not only your champion but all team members at your hotel! Our blog also offers a number of great, in-depth articles about all the things Quore can do.

The More, The Merrier

When it comes to choosing your hotel’s Quore Champion, sometimes more is better! If you’re a larger property, we recommend having more than one champion to help manage responsibilities and spread the word faster. We also suggest that at least one champion has a General Manager (GM), Assistant General Manager (AGM) or Operations Manager (Ops Manager) level login. That way, they can easily add employees across departments and set up templates.

Benefits of a Quore Champion

There are so many positive changes that your hotel will see after adopting Quore, like better staff communication, faster response times to guest requests and more easily sticking to a PM schedule. Designating a champion will help your team take advantage of all the benefits of Quore faster, and it will also relieve stress in understaffed or overworked hotels. At their core (pun intended!), a Quore Champion is someone who should make your hotel’s transition to Quore a seamless one.

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