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5 Ways to Increase Hotel Satisfaction

October 16th, 2023

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5 Ways to Increase Hotel Satisfaction

The main goal of any hotel should be to keep guests happy and provide them with exceptional service. Every hotel wants to increase hotel guest satisfaction scores, however, this is easier said than done. Anyone who’s ever worked in a hotel will tell you that there are so many unforeseen issues that can arise throughout the course of a regular workday, which sometimes prevents them from being able to live up to guest expectations. 

These issues could include things like broken appliances in hotel rooms, delayed check-in times, substandard room cleanings and more. The list of things that could go wrong on any given day is endless, but what if we told you there was a way to prevent a lot of these problems from occurring? With a little bit of planning, it’s possible. Here are 5 ways your hotel can increase hotel guest satisfaction:

Prioritize Cleanliness

Guests will start judging your property before they even walk through the front door and one of the first things they take note of is the level of cleanliness. If your property is not well-kept, guests are going to notice and it will negatively affect their perception of your hotel.

Go the extra mile when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene at your hotel. This involves making sure all cleanings, inspections and preventative maintenance are completed to brand standards. Quore’s cleaning and inspection features help hotel staff get detailed with cleaning and room inspections to ensure that no issue is overlooked, which keeps hotels in tip-top shape year-round. 

Ensure All Assets are in Working Order

When a guest checks into your hotel, they expect everything to be working properly. If they get to their room and there’s a broken television, leaky sink or malfunctioning A/C unit, they will understandably get upset. A thorough preventative maintenance program is a near-foolproof way to prevent this from happening. 

When your engineering department is regularly servicing your hotel’s assets, they can prevent small problems from snowballing into larger issues. Hotels that use Quore have seen a 300% increase in engineering department productivity, which is directly tied to higher rates of guest satisfaction. 

Increase Hotel Guest Satisfaction by Promptly Responding to Complaints

Just because a guest complains about something does not mean it has to negatively affect your guest satisfaction scores. As long as complaints are handled promptly and thoroughly, a guest can still leave happy. They might even leave happier than they would have in the first place because they’ll feel valued as a customer. 

With Quore’s complaints management feature, guest complaints are given priority status in our system. When a task is created by the front desk, it’s immediately assigned to a responsible staff member, who will then receive ping notifications and reminders until the task is completed. Once the complaint is closed, Quore creates an automatic follow-up call for the front desk so they can check in with the guest and make sure their complaint was handled satisfactorily. 

Utilize Guest Messaging Systems

Did you know that 72% of travelers would rather book their travel with a company that communicates via text message, as opposed to phone calls? Text messaging is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication for guests, and hotels utilizing a guest messaging system is the best way to keep up with that trend!

When front desk employees use a guest messaging system, they’re able to correspond with multiple guests at once and save time. This is especially helpful to hotels that are already understaffed. In addition to our Connect guest messaging feature, Quore also integrates with the industry’s leading guest messaging solutions like Kipsu, Whistle and GoMoment. 

Actively Seek Customer Feedback

Another way to make sure that customers feel valued is by seeking out their feedback so you can make improvements accordingly. Many hotels leave in-room comment cards or send out digital post-stay surveys to ask guests how they did. Take these scores and comments to heart and actively use guest feedback to improve problem areas in your hotel. 

An operations management system like Quore makes that task easier because you have a bird’s-eye-view of your entire hotel. That way, when a guest does give negative feedback you can utilize reporting features to determine the best way to correct that issue and improve future guest feedback!

Quore Is Proven To Increase Hotel Guest Satisfaction!

Quore is trusted by 6,500+ hotels worldwide, including industry-leading brands and management companies such as IHG, Choice and Marriott. Properties that use Quore have been able to increase hotel guest satisfaction by 20% and some even maintain 100% guest satisfaction rates. 

Interested in utilizing Quore to improve your hotel’s guest satisfaction? Reach out to our sales team today via sales@quore.com or by calling 877-974-9774.

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