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What is Preventative Maintenance in Hotels?

January 12th, 2023

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What is Preventative Maintenance in Hotels?

Hospitality is all about keeping guests happy and few things will upset a hotel guest more than getting to their room after a long journey only to find that the air conditioner is broken, their toilet is leaking, or the TV won’t turn on. Hoteliers should do everything in their power to prevent issues like these from arising, which is where preventative maintenance comes in. 

So what is preventative maintenance, exactly? Essentially, it’s the act of servicing hotel assets regularly to ensure that they’re in proper working order. For example, a hotel engineer might consistently service the building’s HVAC system or check that a room’s lights, plumbing system and electronics are all working. By regularly maintaining all of these items, hotel staff can prevent problems from arising in the first place and therefore extend the lifetime value of assets. That’s what sets preventative maintenance apart from regular maintenance.

Minor issues can quickly snowball into big problems if they’re not addressed immediately. If hotel engineers run into an issue while performing preventative maintenance – such as a leaky sink or broken light fixture – they can address it right away, before guests have a chance to notice the problem and complain.

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Another benefit of preventative maintenance is that it can save hotels money in several different ways, like lowering energy costs. For example, a malfunctioning HVAC or lighting system can be a big drain on energy. By regularly maintaining these systems, engineers can make sure they’re always operating as efficiently as possible and mitigate unnecessary expenditures. 

An effective preventative maintenance program involves setting up a PM calendar so that hotel engineers know exactly what items need to be checked and how often they need to check them. This might mean servicing every hotel room once per quarter to ensure that all assets are operating at peak functionality. Consistent preventative maintenance throughout the year also prevents scrambling to complete PMs at the end of the year. 

By doing this, hotels are not only maintaining their assets, but they’re also keeping guests happy, which can improve guest satisfaction scores. Since most guests check out a hotel’s online reviews before booking, a negative review could cause a potential customer to book a room elsewhere. If your hotel has bad online reviews due to a poor preventative maintenance program, it can have a very negative impact on revenue.

The good news is that putting a PM program in place doesn’t need to be complicated and there are tools out there that can simplify the process! 

Digital Preventative Maintenance with Quore

With Quore, preventative maintenance is simple. Users can create custom PM templates so that no asset or issue is ever overlooked. It’s also easy to maintain brand standards with Quore and we’re a preferred vendor for many large brands and management companies, such as IHG and Hilton. We’re also a qualified vendor for Choice Hotels, a PM Brand Standard for Cambria and a recommended PM solution for Marriott.

Quore also allows users to get more details out of their PM data by linking the unique assets in a hotel’s inventory directly to PMs. This link between preventative maintenance and inventory is valuable because it will help you track trends and make more educated decisions during budget season. 

If you run a report in Quore and see that the television in room 108 has broken four times in the last quarter, then it might be a better financial decision to replace the television instead of wasting time and energy on costly repairs. 

“Quore is really instrumental in helping track productivity and work orders, as well as seeing trends and different items that go wrong in rooms.” 

Chief Engineer John Brewster, SpringHill Suites by Marriott

Ready to Improve Your Hotel’s PM Program?

Interested in learning more about how Quore can help with preventative maintenance? Users can check out Quore Learn! Not a Quore user yet, but curious about how we can help your hotel? Contact our Sales team!

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