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How to Get the Most Out of a Complaint Management System

May 30th, 2023

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How to Get the Most Out of a Complaint Management System

When it comes to running a successful hotel, guest satisfaction is key. Hotel teams go to great lengths to provide quality stays for their guests and ensure that all of their needs are met promptly. Unfortunately, guest complaints are still bound to happen, which is why more and more hotels are opting to use a complaint management system.

Quore’s Complaints app is a great tool to help ensure appropriate reporting and problem resolution when a guest is unhappy about something. This ensures faster fixes and happier guests, even when things go awry. Here are three new ways that the Complaints app can help your staff meet guest needs.

Better Complaint Management from Start to Finish

The cause of a guest’s complaint can often stem from compounded issues: check-in times were heavily delayed, then the room wasn’t in the best condition due to busy housekeeping staff, and finally, the HVAC wasn’t working properly. 

Hotel staff need to be able to document the full extent of a guest’s complaint so they can respond with the right level of urgency and with the best solution. Our complaint management system allows you to document multiple issues in a single ticket. When creating a new Complaint ticket, click or tap on the “Problem” dropdown in the form to select multiple items that caused the guest’s complaint.

Improving Complaint Management Starts With Knowledge

How can your hotel staff solve a guest’s complaint if they don’t know enough about the guest? When hotel staff add a new guest complaint in Quore, they can include important information such as a guest’s loyalty number and check-in and check-out dates, as well as any other important notes. 

This information will automatically update the Dashboard Rooms Grid, which all hotel employees have access to. When the entire hotel team is well-informed about the situation, they can get smarter about solving guests’ issues in the appropriate time frame.

A Complaint Management System Connects the Dots

Once a guest’s complaint is resolved, that doesn’t mean the work is over. It’s important to follow up with the guest to ensure they are truly happy with the resolution. When a staff member closes a complaint ticket in Quore, the completion form provides an easy, one-click option to create a follow-up task for a guest satisfaction call back from management. 

Likewise, a complaint about a broken HVAC might be resolved by moving the guest to a new room, but their old room still requires a follow-up work order to fix the root HVAC issue. Or what if a guest’s complaint was resolved while still in-house, but then a few days later they post a negative review online? 

Quore’s complaint management system allows you to connect all the dots by creating related tasks, work orders, requests and complaints – all tied to the original complaint. That way, hotel staff can see the relationship between tickets that have a shared history, and management can gain key insights into the complaint resolution process.

A Complaint Management System = Better Guest Satisfaction

Just because a guest complains does not mean that they need to leave dissatisfied. On the contrary, managing a complaint swiftly and satisfactorily can leave a guest even happier than when they walked in the front door. Guests just want to feel that the hotel takes their needs seriously and will always operate in their best interest to fix an issue. That’s why some hotels that use Quore can improve their guest satisfaction scores by 20%!

Interested in utilizing Quore to improve your hotel’s complaint management process? Reach out to our sales team today via sales@quore.com or by calling 877-974-9774.

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