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How to Select the Right Hotel Tech

June 30th, 2022

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How to Select the Right Hotel Tech

There are many exciting technologies on the market these days that claim to help hotels operate more efficiently, but hotels often have a limited budget and can only spend so much on solutions. So how can you best evaluate which hotel tech is the right choice for your team? First, you’ll need to figure out your overall goal.

What’s your hotel’s goal?

Think about the biggest pain point your hotel is currently dealing with. Perhaps it’s an issue like understaffing, a high amount of guest complaints or problems with communication. Or, maybe you’re trying to address multiple issues at once. Some technologies are designed to help hotels with very specific issues, so identifying your problem areas will help focus your search on the right solution. Many hotels that choose Quore are looking to enhance their preventative maintenance program, streamline staff communication and increase their guest satisfaction rates—among other things. Before you make your selection, there are a few more details to consider.

How do you get started? 

Life at a hotel can be chaotic and there’s no doubt that your staff is extremely busy. That’s why, if you’re going to introduce a new piece of technology, you’ll want to make sure the onboarding process is quick and simple. If onboarding requires your team to spend a lot of extra time learning how to use a new piece of software, then that’s less time they can spend doing their actual jobs and the whole purpose of hotel tech is to make things easier, not harder! Our customers tell us all the time that one of their favorite things about Quore is how easy it is to use. We also have an online learning center called Quore Learn, where users can access many videos and articles on things like entering a work order, completing a room inspection, and more. The easier a piece of hotel tech is to use, the faster your staff can all master it so they can get back to the most important issue at hand: keeping guests happy.

How do you get help?

Every piece of new technology has a learning curve and even when you know the tech well, you might still have questions or run into issues. That’s where customer service comes in! Speaking with customer service can either be a great experience or a terrible one. Ever call your cable provider, only to be met with a series of infuriating automated messages? There’s nothing worse than trying to get help and being met with endless automation or long wait times, so make sure that whatever technology you use has a great customer service division. When our customers call Quore, they know they’ll always talk to a real person. Many of our employees used to work in hospitality, so they know exactly what our customers need and are passionate about helping them succeed.

How much does it cost?

Every industry is facing a difficult time economically and hotels do not have the money to spend on overpriced products. Be sure to get a quote before purchasing a new piece of hotel tech and run a cost-benefit analysis to make sure that whatever solution you’re looking at is worth the price of admission. Clarify how the pricing and contract are structured. Is it determined by the number of users? Data storage? Room count? While the price of Quore does vary from hotel to hotel based on brand and room count, we’re still very affordable. On average, Quore’s monthly cost is less than the nightly rate of one hotel room!

Does your brand have a preferred vendor?

Certain hotel brands and management companies have preferred vendors when it comes to tech. For example, Quore is a Choice Qualified Vendor and brand standard for Cambria Hotels’ preventative maintenance program. We’re also a preferred service optimization vendor for IHG and an approved vendor for many other brands and management companies. Essentially, this means that we offer brand-specific pricing and also work with corporate and management teams to templatize their brand standards. Check with your brand or management company to see if they have a preferred vendor status with the hotel tech you’re interested in. Doing so might help you narrow down the pool of technology options and make your decision easier.

What kind of hardware does it require?

Think about the devices your staff use daily, like tablets, mobile devices, computers, etc. Will the piece of software you’re considering be able to run on the equipment your staff is already comfortable using, or will you have to purchase additional hardware in order to operate it? That’s an extra expense and complication that you’ll have to deal with during onboarding. One thing our customers love about Quore is that they can use it on their mobile phones. We’re compatible with both Apple and Android devices, so users don’t need to carry anything extra with them. We also have a desktop app, which makes it easy for front desk workers to use. If a company requires your hotel to purchase extra hardware to run its program, then that might not be the best option for you. Make sure you choose wisely!

Technology is a great way to improve operations and is typically a solid investment for any hotel. While every hotel’s needs are unique, these are the most important things to consider during your search for the best hotel tech.

If you’re interested in learning more about Quore or want a quote for your hotel, please reach out to our Sales team!

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