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Celebrating 5,000 Hotels With 5-Star Service

April 28th, 2022

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Celebrating 5,000 Hotels With 5-Star Service

Quore just reached a major milestone: we’re now used by over 5,000 hotels around the world! We’re active in 35 countries, trusted by 800+ management companies and helping 81,000+ end users tend to 588,000 hotel rooms. We’ve had a major impact on the hospitality industry over the years and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Hospitality technology isn’t just a trend anymore, it’s the new norm, which is part of the reason we’ve seen such rapid customer growth.

Since Quore’s founding back in 2012, we’ve been dedicated to revolutionizing the hospitality technology space by improving the lives of both hotel employees and guests. From the harried housekeeper to the frenzied front desk worker—we want to ensure that every hotel staff member is able to do their job with increased productivity, efficiency and safety.

When hotels operate smoothly, guests enjoy happier stays. As a result, thousands of hotels that use Quore have seen improvements in their guest satisfaction rates. While Quore continues to grow, our commitment to our users remains steadfast. This is as much a victory for us as it is for our customers, who are now able to do their jobs more easily.

None of the success Quore has seen over the last 9+ years would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our employees. So, in celebration of reaching 5,000 hotels, we decided to (literally) roll out the red carpet and treat #TeamQuore to a day of 5-star service!

The day started off with a champagne toast from our founder and CEO, Scott Schaedle. Members of Quore’s leadership team donned “tuxedos” so they could serve #TeamQuore in style.

#TeamQuore enjoyed a number of fun surprises throughout the day. Not only did we receive massages and manicures, we got to do it all in the comfort of our very own Quore-branded robes and slippers! We also enjoyed some fine dining as our leadership team roamed the office with silver platters of chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies and other treats. Now that’s what we call 5-star treatment!

It was a fun celebration and a nice moment to sit back and take stock of all that Quore has accomplished over the years. We don’t just think of 5,000 hotels as a milestone, though, we also see it as a mile marker. There are many more miles for Quore on the horizon and we’re excited to continue the journey!

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