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Hotel Onboarding Made Simple

May 3rd, 2023

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Hotel Onboarding Made Simple

Hotels are busy places and while many are currently understaffed and need more help, hotel onboarding can still be a long and time-consuming process, especially if the new staff member has never worked in a hotel before. 

One of the great things about Quore is that, in addition to improving productivity and saving hotels money, Quore also saves hotels time. With Quore, hotel onboarding is much easier because processes are already in place within the app, so it’s easy for them to understand what their jobs entail and how to go about completing tasks. Every Quore user has their own, unique login, and managers can easily add or remove users via the Directory app. That way, a new team member’s Quore account can be set up and ready to go on day one. 

Easier Hotel Onboarding Means Everything Is In One Place

When hotel staff members want to create a guest request, work order, or any other type of task, it’s extremely easy to do within Quore. Our app is designed so that anyone can learn the basics quickly, with very little oversight. Many of the actions available within Quore are intuitive, and we’ve found that it’s incredibly easy for new hotel staff to pick up on how to use it right away. The To Do list in our mobile app consolidates everything each team member needs to get done on a particular, day which helps clarify expectations for new employees.

Because every department uses Quore, a front desk agent can assign a task to an engineer or housekeeper without ever having to step away from the front desk. The process of logging or completing a new task takes seconds, so all a new team member needs to do is log into Quore and they can easily get up to speed.

Instant Communication

Quore makes communication simple, no matter where you are in the hotel or what department you work in. New hotel staff won’t need to carry around a loud and bulky walkie-talkie because, with Quore, they can contact any other team member within the app to provide key information and updates, or to ask a question.

Seamless communication means that hotel employees have more time to do their jobs and focus on serving customers, rather than running around trying to find answers. Quore also has push notifications so that when a new task is assigned to a team member, they get a notification on their phone and can tend to an issue or guest requests immediately.

“Quore helps the new staff learn their job a lot better because if they just look at the item on Quore, they don’t have to find somebody to ask. They can just look at Quore and it tells them what they need to do.”

John Brewster, Chief Engineer, SpringHill Suites by Marriott

Ample Learning Resources

There’s a lot to learn during any onboarding process, and we offer an array of resources to help hotel team members quickly understand the ins and outs of Quore, like role-specific e-learning courses that are just for new hires. We also have a detailed blog, helpful videos on our YouTube channel, and an entire website dedicated to learning! Quore Learn is accessible to all Quore users and offers learning resources on every facet of Quore. 

Whether a new team member is trying to understand how to complete an inspection or how to customize PM templates, they will find the answer on Quore Learn. We also host multiple live webinars throughout each month to give refresher training on the basics of Quore, as well as more in-depth training for specific apps. 

Great Customer Service

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on having customer service that puts them first. When one of our customers calls Quore, they know they will always talk to a real person and get real answers. Most of our Hotel Success Specialists have worked in hotels themselves before, so they know exactly what our customers are going through and how to best assist them. 

Hotel Onboarding Made Simple!

Quore takes the time and stresses out of hotel onboarding so that your team can operate as efficiently as possible, as soon as possible. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Quore can boost productivity and communication at your hotel, our Sales team would be happy to answer any questions. They can be reached via email or by calling 877-974-9774!

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