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10 Quore Best Practices

May 12th, 2022

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10 Quore Best Practices

We have a saying here at Quore: “The more users put into the system, the more they get out of it.” Essentially, the more users enter data into Quore and the more they learn the system, the more benefits they will see. For example, increased staff productivity, faster room cleaning times, better guest satisfaction scores, saving money through preventative maintenance, and more. Users can “unlock” those benefits faster by making an effort to use Quore every day and enter as much information as possible. Here are our top 10 best practices to help ensure that users get the most out of their Quore experience:

Assign a Quore Champion

We recommend that every hotel assign a Quore Champion. This team member will help every hotel employee get to know and use Quore. They’re resourceful, a natural leader, passionate about helping their team succeed and will take initiative when it comes to learning and utilizing Quore. “If it’s not in Quore, it didn’t happen” is a good mantra for your hotel’s Quore Champion to embrace.

Give Everyone a Unique Log-In

Accountability is one of the top benefits that Quore provides. With Quore, managers can see exactly who is doing what and when. Holding team members accountable helps them increase productivity and ensures that they get rewarded when they do a great job! Every team member should have their own, unique Quore login so they’re able to access the app, communicate with their team and track their work.

Utilize Quore Learn

Whether you’re brand new to Quore or have been using it for years, there is something for you over on Quore Learn! We offer detailed articles for every app as well as videos and “How To” guides. Our Director of Training, Drew Smith, also hosts weekly Quore Refresher webinars. At only thirty minutes long, these webinars are the perfect way to brush up on your skills or learn something new. Sign up for one here!

Are You Really “On Duty”? 

Users can mark themselves on or off duty in our app to ensure they won’t get Quore notifications when they’re off the clock. When users do clock in though, they’ll need to remember to mark themselves “on duty” so they begin receiving notifications again and everyone knows that they’re available. Forgetting to switch to “on duty” could result in a missed guest request or work order and no one wants that!

Set Up PM Templates and Schedules

Preventative maintenance helps hotels save money by ensuring that small problems don’t snowball into larger issues. When engineers stick to a PM schedule, they’re regularly checking and maintaining hotel assets. Quore makes this easy, but users need to create their unique templates and schedules in Quore first. It’s a simple process and we have an article on Quore Learn that walks users through the entire process.

Update Your Account Settings 

With all of the passwords everyone has to remember these days, you’re bound to forget your login information occasionally. Make sure your Quore account settings are up-to-date with your current mobile number and email address so that if you ever forget your Quore password, you’ll be able to quickly reset it and automatically receive your reset PIN.

Join Quore Innsiders

Quore Innsiders is a private Facebook group that’s exclusively for Quore users. It’s a great way to connect with fellow users from around the globe to share tips and tricks, as well as offer support. Members also get the Innside scoop on various product updates and announcements. Join today and while you’re at it, check out all the ways you can keep up with Quore on social media!

Update Your Assets and Warranties 

The Inventory app allows users to input a ton of information about their various assets, like serial numbers and warranties. Detailing your hotel’s inventory will allow users to better track assets in their PM program. This connection between PMs and Inventory can increase the life expectancy of assets while also helping managers track trends and make better budgeting decisions.

Boost Your Wi-Fi

Better Wi-Fi means a better Quore experience. We have an entire blog post dedicated to helping users boost their Wi-Fi and ensure that every team member’s mobile device is set up properly so Quore can run smoothly. Check it out here!

Regularly Read and Analyze Reports

Quore provides users with a lot of valuable insights and data on things like daily maintenance, PMs, housekeeping and more! Users should regularly run and analyze these reports in the Reports app in order to identify problem areas and gain visibility into every area of your hotel’s operations. 

There you have it! Ten ways to get more out of Quore. It might seem like a large list, but every one of these tips is extremely easy to implement and small changes can yield big results.

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